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Dublin Elementary New Cameras

Dublin Elementary New Cameras

Enhancing School Safety: Dublin’s Proactive Measures

DUBLIN, Ohio — In an era where ensuring the safety of students in school is paramount, Dublin and other central Ohio districts have been proactively amplifying their security measures. As conversations among school administrators evolve, tangible steps are being taken, underlining their commitment to fostering a secure environment for learning.

Throughout central Ohio, several schools have benefited from the Ohio School Safety Center grants. These grants have been pivotal, primarily aimed at funding physical security enhancements within educational institutions. And with the initiation of these grants, many school buildings now boast augmented safety features.

Wright Elementary in Dublin stands out as a testament to these efforts. A stroll around its premises now reveals the installation of 20 state-of-the-art cameras, judiciously positioned both within the school’s interiors and its exteriors. The aim? To ensure a comprehensive surveillance system that leaves no blind spots. Additionally, the school has integrated advanced radio monitors, a move that promises quicker and more efficient communication among the school staff.

Lucas Bauer, the proud principal of Wright Elementary, emphasized the significance of these new radio monitors. “The immediate direct line facilitated by these radios ensures that our team is consistently in touch. Should any situation arise, it enables swift action, ensuring that the necessary help is summoned promptly to safeguard our school community,” he said.

A noteworthy addition in schools, including Wright Elementary, is the integration of door monitors. These devices play a crucial role by alerting staff if any external door remains ajar for an extended period. This not only ensures that unauthorized entries are curbed but also aids in maintaining the school’s overall security infrastructure.

The summer’s security enhancements across central Ohio schools are a clear testament to the region’s unwavering commitment to school safety. As the new academic year dawns, parents, students, and staff can be reassured that their schools are fortified spaces, where education thrives in a secure ambiance.

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